Greenfleet awards win for Modec

Modec won three awards at the Greenfleet awards last month.

2005 GreenFleet Awards Industry Innovation Award

The GreenFleet Industry Innovation Award recognizes organizations that strive to push the boundaries of technology to produce low and zero emission vehicles.

This year, the third place goes to GoinGreen for its superb G-Whiz electric and environmental marketing ethos. Runner-up is Amberjac Projects for its innovative use of SaphionT battery technology in plug-in Prius conversions. First prize has been won Modec Vehicles for the Electric Mercury range of zero emission, inner-city/urban delivery vehicles, by using proven technology in an innovative and creative way.

The demonstration vehicles, which launched in June 2004, use Nickel Sodium Chloride batteries, and a range of lithium-ion batteries is currently being developed to give increased performance. To maximize the range of the battery pack, a real-time telematics system monitors the health of the battery and other relevant vehicle information. The chassis has even been designed to accommodate a fuel cell for development, and is therefore suited to universities and research bodies investigating the possibilities of future fuel cell incorporation. The performance of the vehicles is impressive - 50mph top speed, a range of over 100 miles on one charge, a payload of 2 tonnes and the ability to climb a 1:3 hill fully loaded.

Production of the vehicles is due to start in July 2006.

2005 GreenFleet Awards Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner: Tony Guy - Modec Vehicles

For his project management skills and his outstanding contribution to the green automotive industry, Tony Guy is the recipient of the 2005 GreenFleet Lifetime Achievement Award.

As Business Development Director of Modec Vehicles, Tony Guy is part of the team responsible for the development of the Electric e-Mercury Project - the recipient of the What Van? Eco-van of the Year award in 2004. One prototype is a diesel/electric hybrid, using a 1.8-litre Ford diesel engine to charge the batteries and extend range. But Modec plans to focus on the electric-only version for at least 18 months.

Tony Guy is a results orientated manufacturing consultant with an impressive track record with blue chip companies such as BTR Dunlop, Unipart Industries, Wagon Industrial, Manganese Bronze, Birmid Qualcast and Invensys (Siebe-Compair). For over 20 years he has been responsible for improving profitability and changing the culture of the company with his people orientated approach. He has also been responsible for five organizations achieving accreditations in Quality QS9000, Ford Q1, IS014001 and the Investor in People Award.

The Energy Saving Trust comments: "Tony, has not only been the ambassador for the e-mercury electric vehicle project, but has also been working with local universities such Warwick and Coventry to seek engineering solutions to sustainable transport. His enthusiasm has included meetings and vehicle demonstrations with Lord Sainsbury, Dti, LowCVP, DfT and many of the local automotive and industry. We believe Tony thorough his work with Modec has certainly raised the profile and the need for sustainable transport and is also seeking solutions to overcome significant barriers for electric vehicles. His energy has provided a commercial opportunity and a focused team to manufacture full electric delivery vehicles which are competitive and designed for today's market."

Tony married his wife Joyce in Blackpool in 1972. They have three children, and enjoy an active social life, with their main passion being theatre and Broadway musicals. Tony is actively involved in the scout movement. Tony Guy also used to work for AP at our location in Banbury.

2005 GreenFleet Awards Website of the Year Award

Runner up:

Earthmanimation are a small Web Design and IT services company who have been trading since 2004 and this year have been placed as one of the best websites of the year by the EST GreenFleet Awards. The site is built in a mixture of Flash and HTML with an all HTML version planned for the near future. The site is available in English, French and Italian with a German version currently being developed. Earthmanimation would like to congratulate Modec Vehicles on their triumphs at the GreenFleet Awards this year and the best of success in the future.

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Tuesday 11th October 2005 11:55 AM