'Wizardry on Wheels' Mini Fair

The AP Braking stand at the Gaydon 'Wizardry on Wheels' Mini Fair on Sunday was well received.

As on previous Mini days, our stand did a lot to raise the awareness, within the Mini owner customer base, that a very comprehensive range of Mini brake and clutch actuation components are still available from us to the Original Equipment specification.

Mini owners continually customize and renovate old Minis and the majority would rather pay the extra money to have the more reliable AP product.

We spent the day handing out product sheets and leaflets as well as giving technical advice to people who wanted to do things like adding servo assistance, changing from front drum brakes to disc brakes and changing from disc brakes back to drum brakes.

In general, we received a lot of very positive feedback. Owners were pleased that we were still manufacturing in the UK and that we were supporting their vehicles. They were particularly interested in the remote servos and tin tank master cylinders.

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Monday 3rd October 2005 10:30 AM