AP Hydraulics provided complete brake systems for the new Electric Mercury vehicle.

AP Hydraulics were present at the launch of LTI's Electric Mercury vehicle range in Sheffield on June 14th. A panel van and a specialist delivery vehicle were demonstrated. A flat bed and minibus will compliment the range at a later date.

These 5.5 tonne vehicles have a top speed of 50 mph and a range of between 65 to 300+ miles depending upon power pack type. They are environmentally friendly with zero emissions and no noise pollution. They are exempt from road tax and London congestion charges.

LTI have already generated considerable interest amongst dairies (for milk deliveries), supermarkets (for internet delivery services), British Telecom and many district and city councils including Sheffield and Edinburgh.

AP Hydraulics have specified, designed and supplied complete brake systems for the first three demonstrator vehicles and have quoted for production supply, including ABS, starting mid 2006. The prototype brake system consists of opposed piston calipers on front and rear axles, servo TMC, drum in disc parking, pressure reducing valves, hoses and WABCO's ABS. The vehicles also have regenerative braking.

LTI have expressed their gratitude for the high level of support that AP Hydraulics has given during this project. Thank you to all those who enabled us to design, test and supply parts.

For more information on the vehicles, visit Electric Mercury

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Friday 2nd July 2004 16:08 PM