Press Release: Company Re-location Strategy

AP Hydraulics is pleased to announce, as part of its long-term business development, the re-location of its current facilities.

Detailed planning for the forthcoming move is complete and will involve re-locating all operations & support functions within the existing AP Group site at Leamington Spa.

This notice is to formally advise all customers and suppliers of this forthcoming activity.

After successful completion of the re-location, we shall be pleased to welcome customers and suppliers to visit the new facility.



Re-location Timing


AP Hydraulics is dedicated to the application & development of class leading Automotive Braking Hydraulics, Actuation & Fluid-handling product solutions.

We will be happy to discuss in more detail individual product areas, and we shall make periodic updates on the overall programme of re-location as we progress.

On behalf of AP Hydraulics Ltd.

John Wheway

Commercial & Engineering Director

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Wednesday 22 November, 2000 1:34 PM