Engineering Excellence

AP Braking is committed to utilise the latest design and test technology to achieve the optimum product performance whilst conforming to our customers' ever reducing time constraints.

Design and Development

The AP Braking Engineering Group have a wealth of experience in all aspects of automotive hydraulics and braking systems.

At all stages of the design and development process the latest technology and proven systems are utilised to ensure that our solutions meet all our customers' requirements.

AP Braking fully utilises the latest generation of CAD technology. Extensive FEA (finite Element Analysis) and exhausting physical test programs verify our product designs.

Our engineers are fully conversant with the use of FMEA's and, in addition to performing them on our own products, are competent in helping with our customer's larger assembly design FMEA's.

By investing in technology compatible with our customers and partners we are able to share our considerable experience to create the best systems for specific vehicle applications,

Our Engineers are fully trained to use the latest Parametric 3D design CAD technology including Pro/ENGINEER, CADDS5, CATIA, Medusa and SolidWorks.

Our CAD technology bridges the gap between our design, manufacturing and materials.

Design Verification

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is fully utilised in the design of our products. Extensive stress analysis is carried out at all stages of the design process to achieve the optimum design for strength whilst maintaining an overall compact size.

All our products are subject to intensive on and off car test programs, which typically exceed minimum international specification requirements.

AP Braking has extensive in-house test facilities that enable performance and durability of product to be rigorously examined.

Intensive testing, which simulates the most extreme environmental conditions, ensures that AP Braking deliver the best quality products.

Laboratory Services

AP Braking on-site laboratory service ensures that the correct materials, used in the design of our products, suit their specific OE applications.

Laboratory staff also uses their expertise to make sure that material process-treatments are appropriate for potentially harsh vehicle-operating environments.

Their skills are key to manufacturing decisions, ensuring that our manufacturing facility is optimised for machining and that raw materials are supplied to the correct specification.

Installation Expertise

Our long experience in vehicle Brakes systems design is commonly utilised by our customers to help them with installation solutions. Our design engineers will help, at all stages of the design process, with installation design.

Development technicians will help with prototype installations to ensure components are fitted correctly and interface with steering and suspension components safely.

Vehicle Support

In-house garage and skilled technicians support all our design, test, prototype and installation requirements.

Prototyping Service

Due to AP Braking flexible machining cells, machine shop and advanced computer aided engineering technology prototype components may be produced within relatively short lead times.

'New Generation' Products

A range of 'New Generation' braking components have been developed reflecting advances in technologies and materials alongside the latest trends driven by vehicle manufactures and their customers.

'New Generation' calipers, for example, are lighter, stronger and mechanically more efficient than older products. They also reflect market trends in performance styling.


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