AP Braking Environmental Policy

AP Braking is committed to minimising the impact of it's operations on the environment, as a manufacturer and distributor of automotive braking systems. This will be acheived as a result of the development and operation of an effective environmental management system certified to ISO 14001 that will identify the significant environmental impacts from new and existing processes.

To achieve this commitment AP Braking will:

  1. Meet all relevant legislation, regulations and other standards.
  2. Provide appropriate education and training for all employees to develop a sense of awareness and responsibility for the environment.
  3. Operate in a manner to prevent pollution to the environment by:
  4. Develop objectives and targets to provide a framework for continual improvement, in particular to reduce waste and conserve energy.
  5. Audit and review the environmental management system regularly to maintain compliance with this policy.
  6. Actively encourage suppliers and subcontractors to improve environmental performance.

AP Braking will ensure that this policy and the objectives and targets are communicated to all employees through training and regular team briefings. This policy is available to all employees, the general public and any other interested party.

On behalf of AP Braking

David Nesbitt

Managing Director

Questions should be directed to Vanessa Ball, VA/VE Manager

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Friday 22nd October 2004 14:00 PM