Brake Hoses - Part 1

AP Brakings overall approach to OE hose development is to ensure that components developed are superior in function, performance and durability.

Here at AP Braking we have invested substantially in both our staff skills base and manufacturing / assembly process technologies.

We employ combinations of both semi-automated high volume hose assembly techniques as well as manual operations for more complex and/or low volume, specialist vehicle applications, as appropriate.

AP Braking is dedicated to employ the very best assembly and test techniques, as appropriate to the hose application requirements.

This has led to the development of bespoke hose coupling / crimp and test machinery. Typically moderate to high volume hose manufacture is produced on this type of machine set-up.

The pursuit of product excellence means that all automotive hoses are 100% function tested after assembly.

It is our practice to subject a manufactured hose assembly to rigorous performance tests, including both whip and tensile tests, as part of our stringent OEM product quality policy.

We are able to fully support OEM vehicle programmes for braking systems. Essential parts of this process are

thus ensuring that our complete solution is suitable for the specific application.

AP Braking has ready access to full-scale vehicle testing (track) facilities, which are conveniently situated close to our UK operation.

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Friday 2nd July 2004 13:14 PM PM